About me

I am a software developer based in New York City with experience developing web applications utilizing Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, and Redux. I am a performance driven developer who is passionate about building very optimized and functional applications. I love to problem-solve and learn about new libraries and technologies.

While I am not writing code, I enjoy wandering the city exploring new places or brushing up on my Tetris skills.

Recent Work


Social media platform inspired by Facebook, built with Rails and React/Redux.

  • Utilized Rails polymorphic associations to allow both posts and comments to be likable by users and generate notifications for each action.

  • Remotely stores image uploads in the cloud using Amazon Web Services S3 storage, increasing app scalability

  • Minimizes database calls on the backend through SQL query optimization.



Visualization of maze generation and maze solving algorithms .

  • Built entirely in JavaScript using HTML5 canvas for smooth animation.

  • Allows users to generate different mazes of varying sizes and showcases three different solving algorithms.



Command line interface for a two player chess game built in Ruby.

  • Maximizes principles of object-oriented design by utilizing inheritance and modules for chess pieces.

  • Players are able to play against a computer Chess AI that aims to gain advantage by capturing pieces.


Try and beat the clock! How fast can you clear 40 lines in the classic tile-matching puzzle game?

  • Utilizes authentic Tetris piece randomizer (link)

  • Players can choose switch between two control configurations in real time.

  • Features include piece hard drop, current piece drop preview, 3 next pieces preview.



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